On this day in sports history… Kenny Wheaton’s ‘The Pick’ was born


Happy anniversary to “The most improbable finish to a football game!”

The date is October 22, 1994. The Oregon Ducks are hosting rival No. 9 Washington at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. There is 1:05 left on the game clock and Huskies quarterback Damon Huard drove the team down the field to the eight yard line and in need of a touchdown down 24-20. 

Huard dropped back and saw his receiver Dave Janoski breaking towards the closest left pylon…. But Huard didn’t see Oregon corner Kenny Wheaton breaking on the ball. And then all he saw was the name “Wheaton” on the green jersey Runnign 97 yards down the sideline for the pick six.

Game over. Oregon wins 31-20.

But it wasn’t just any ordinary pick six. This play is the most memorable in Oregon Football history and changed the trajectory of the program in the past, present and future.

Thus ‘The Pick” was born.


It was 97 yards of pure chaos. 

The crowd screaming, players jumping on the sideline, announcer Jerry Allen yelling, “Kenny Wheaton is gonna score! Kent Wheaton is gonna score!”… In those 16 seconds, one play altered the program forever.

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