Derek Carr is ‘sick of losing’ and Raiders fans want Marcus Mariota


Derek Carr is tired of losing.

The Las Vegas Raiders dropped their second-consecutive game Sunday, suffering a 30-23 defeat to the Buffalo Bills, and their franchise quarterback is fed up.  

"I'm sick of losing," Carr said. "I'm sick of working as hard as I do, and as we do, and going out there and losing. I mean, it sucks. Enough is enough.

"The things that are hurting us in these close games is not them; it's us. That's the hard part to swallow."

Carr, who finished 32 of 44 for 311 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions in the Week 4 loss, now has 57 losses to his name, the most of any NFL starting quarterback since he entered the league in 2013.

Losing is clearly getting to Carr, and here’s what the Raiders should do about it: Bench him and start Marcus Mariota.

Hear us out, Raider Nation. We get that Carr just recorded his fourth-consecutive game completing 72 percent of his passes and a passer rating over 107. But he lost a fumble in the fourth quarter, the 61st of his career, and spoiled his team’s chances of a comeback. He currently leads the league with five fumbles.

Raiders second-year running back Josh Jacobs said it best: “It's the little things in this game that make the biggest difference."

And yet the Raiders’ most prized possession lost a fumble in the fourth quarter… for the second-straight game. Those slip-ups set the Raiders up for a result that Carr’s become all too familiar with over the years, and that’s why it’s time for a change at QB.


It's not that Derek Carr is a bad QB. But, maybe his time with the Raiders has run its course. 

It happened with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, Philip Rivers with the Chargers-- and they had way more success than Carr has ever had. More recently, this has happened with the Bears, putting in Nick Foles in place of Mitchell Trubisky.

Is Mariota a Super Bowl winning back-up? No. 

But, Raiders' general manager Mike Mayock said Mariota brings “different dynamic” to the game as a dual-threat quarterback in comparison to Carr and is largely considered option 1A, so why not shake up the QB picture in Sin City?

After missing the first three regular-season games with a chest injury, the former Oregon standout returned to practice on Wednesday and was participating in drills. The Raiders now have 21 days to evaluate him and make a decision on whether to activate him to the 53-man roster, or return him to IR. If he's healthy and raring to go, why not take a chance?

There’s a reason Mariota became the NFL’s highest paid backup quarterback this offseason. The Raiders entrust him to step in and push the offense forward if and when Carr cannot.

And in recent weeks, the 29-year-old has proven he cannot lead his team to victory. 

If the Raiders continue to see a decline in wins, it could be really bad news for their starting quarterback and a prime opportunity for Mariota to prove that he can set the NFL world on fire.  

Is it Mariota time in Vegas? We’ll just let those in Silver and Black be the judge.