Ducks: Brady Breeze says Justin Herbert was the best player he ever faced


Brady Breeze has played against some supremely talented players during his football career.

He played against St. John Bosco (nation's No. 19 HS team) and Elijah Molden (West Linn) as a junior at Central Catholic and many future NFL players while in the Pac-12.

Who was the best, though? 

"That's easy. That's Justin Herbert," answered Breeze, when host Brian Noe asked him who was the best player he's ever played against. 

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While Breeze and Herbert never played one another in an official game setting, he went up against Herbert every day in practice, much to the detriment of Breeze.

"There were times I was doing one-on-one's, guarding a tight end or whatever and I'm all over the tight end, like I'm thinking there's no way that this tight end is going to catch the ball," recalled Breeze.

"But Herbert just slides it right in there. I come up to him after and I'm like 'Dude, how the heck did you throw it in there? I'm all over the guy but somehow you throw it at the perfect angle.'"

These occurrences were not exclusive to one-on-one drills, either.

"Or we're doing 7-on-7 and there's nobody that's open but somehow he throws a back-shoulder fade. Some of these throws are like 'What? How is this guy even doing this?' And he's doing it with no effort," added Breeze.


When the former Ducks safety was talking to teams leading up the 2021 NFL Draft, many staff members would ask him who the best player he went up against was in the Pac-12. 

"When teams ask who the best player I've played against I was like, 'Dude, it's Justin Herbert in practice.' Just unbelievable," he said. 

"People don't even see the stuff he does in practice, they just see the stuff he does in games. But that guy literally is incredible."

Now, the nation sees what everyone from Eugene, OR has seen for years. Justin Herbert, who won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award, is special.

"His NFL career is going to be a long time," said Breeze, emphasizing the 'long.' 

"He's a guy who studies film like crazy but he's talented, dude, and he's serious about it.

[His fast start] didn't surprise me at all. Just everything. Everything you can say about him, he's just so talented.

Brady Breeze

If Breeze were to give Herbie some advice though, it would be to avoid the hits.  

"I was a little upset when he's trying to run over people. I'm like 'Hey dude, c'mon take it easy a little bit. It's your first year.' It just shows he's not afraid of anybody. He's a quarterback that could have played tight end if he wanted to in the NFL, he's just so physical."

"I think it was Kansas City where he just ran over somebody. I was like 'Jeez, this guy is just a freak.'"

Yeah, while the defender was the one who ended up getting hurt from this play, Herbert needs to be smarter than this. 

Breeze won't make that mistake.