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Ducks' Mario Cristobal on Wisconsin: 'They are as good as it gets'

Oregon Ducks

PASADENA – Oregon Coach Mario Cristobal was asked during Monday’s Rose Bowl media day if his team had played another team similar to the one the Ducks will face Wednesday in the Rose Bowl, when they meet Wisconsin.

And without actually saying it, the answer was a very definitive, “NO!”

“They’re just the best team in all areas that we’ve faced this year, without a doubt, in all phases and all areas,” Cristobal said. “They’re very well coached. That’s a disciplined, tough football team that’s complemented by great athleticism.”

The Ducks are very proud of their offensive line and Cristobal – an offensive lineman himself in his playing days – knows a good one when he sees it.

 “We haven’t seen a better offensive line,” he said. “They’re cohesive. They play with great effort and great finish, complemented by great tight ends, great running backs and a great quarterback.”

All season, Oregon has talked about its own toughness and physicality. And this game will be a test of that.

“Without question,” Cristobal said. “They’re outstanding. You love to study film and see how guys are coached. Their coaching staff has stood the test of time. They are exceptionally instinctive and that’s due to good coaching. I can’t say enough about them. They are as good as it gets.”

And the coach expects it will take everything his team has to win the game.

“Nothing but our very, very best will be good enough to come out on top,” Cristobal said. “We all know that. The players that they have, the way they’re coached, their scheme, their physicality, their athleticism, there is nothing – NOTHING – In this world but our very best that will be good enough for us to win.


“We know this is the very best football team we’ve had the opportunity to play.”