Megan Reyes advocates for more diversity in sports


As someone who has spent her career working in sports—from the Portland Timbers to Oregon Ducks to Golden State Warriors, Megan Reyes believes pushing for more diversity and inclusivity in the sports field is crucial. 

That’s why Reyes, now director of communications at Blue Wire Podcasts, created “More Diverse Voices in Sports,” an apparel brand that looks to amplify diverse voices and make sure they are heard.

On the latest Talkin’ Ducks podcast, Reyes tells host Sasha Spencer that the idea came to her randomly. After reaching out to a vendor she had previously worked with, who agreed to help her take on the project, Reyes set her sights to launching the project on International Women's Day this past March. A portion of the total profits goes to Athlete Ally and Black Women's Player Collective.


“I didn’t expect it to become what it has,” Reyes said. “Fortunately, through the sales, I have been able to donate almost $10,000 in profits to these organizations.”

Recently, she collaborated with Athlete Ally on a special edition Pride shirt in honor of Pride Month in a limited-edition colorway.

“All the money goes directly to them and ironically enough, they partnered with Black Women’s Player Collective, so it went back to the same people it would have gone to anyways and it’s going on through June,” Reyes said. “They have an annual playing for Pride initiative where soccer players basically pledge to donate x amount for goals or whatever it may be, so they have a roster of players who also have and promote the shirt and promote the messaging...

Again, would I have ever thought of this late February? No, but a lot of really exciting opportunities have come about, and a lot of people have told me, now it’s much bigger than a shirt, it’s actually a message.

- Megan Reyes

To hear more about Reyes’ time as an account executive at University of Oregon and the challenges she’s faced as a woman working in sports, check out the full Talkin’ Ducks podcast.