Former Ducks pitcher Scott McGough praises mental training with the late Dr. Ken Ravizza


On the latest Talkin' Ducks Podcast with host Sasha Spencer, we catch up with former Oregon Ducks pitcher, and member of Team USA baseball, Scott McGough.

The standout baseball player joined us to discuss his experience in the Olympic games this year as he shared his excitement for winning silver with Team USA.

Plus, the 31-year-old dives into his time in the Nippon Professional Baseball league in Japan, looks back at some of his favorite memories of playing for Ducks Baseball and more.

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As he reminisced about his time in Eugene, McGough couldn’t help but praise the positive impact of the late sports psychology consultant Ken Ravizza.

“When I got out to Oregon, we had the one and only Ken Ravizza. Rest in Peace. He was a fantastic guy.”


Ravizza spent time on the University of Oregon baseball coaching staff as the Peak Performance/Mental Conditioning Coach from 2009 to 2018. He is most notable for his time in Major League Baseball working for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Angels as one of the top sports psychologist consultants. 

He just taught us so many things about how to focus on the small things, the small details, and take that in and accept those things.

Scott McGough on the impact of Dr. Ken Ravizza

McGough added, “It really helped me get through a lot of those situations where you have some struggles.

Even in the Tokyo Olympics McGough used some of Ravizza’s coping mechanisms for various situations.

Congrats again to McGough on winning a silver medal in this year's Olympics! 

You can listen to the entire podcast with Scott McGough right here.