Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

There are certain games that define careers. 

For former Oregon football quarterback Justin Herbert, the date was October 8, 2016. A home game in Eugene, Oregon vs. rival No. 5 Washington. 

This was the game Herbert identified as one that he would want to “break.” To never repeat. It was one that was tv-smashing worthy.

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It was a tough lesson to learn in his first ever collegiate start and in front of a home crowd. Herbert felt that he didn’t just let his team down, but as a Eugene-native, he felt he let his city down.

Herbert threw an interception on his very first pass on the very first play of that game. It is how he kicked off his first collegiate start. The Ducks lost 70-21, finished 4-8 in the Pac-12 Conference, missed a postseason bowl game and their head coach was fired. 

This put a lot of pressure and weight on the young freshman quarterback’s shoulders. It couldn’t get any worse, right? Herbert began his collegiate career facing tough adversity, but it would not define the legacy of what he would leave behind at Oregon.

From that season on, it was an upward trajectory.

With Herbert at the helm, the Ducks improved each year and ended with a Pac-12 Championship and Rose Bowl victory in 2020, Herbert’s senior season.

Now, the eyes of the NFL are upon him. Herbert is a projected top-10 draft pick and will find a new home in the NFL come Thursday, April 23.


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