The Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers historic rivalry reached its 124th stanza Friday night and it was one for the record books. Quite honestly, it was one for the “what the heck is happening?!” books.

Set aside the troubling Pac-12 officiating for one moment. After an interception from Beavs corner Nashon Wright late in the fourth quarter, the Beavs had the ball on the one-inch line and needing a touchdown, down 38-34. OSU quarterback Tristan Gebbia attempted a quarterback sneak on third down, but was stopped short.

Once he surfaced from the pile of players, he hopped towards the sidelines.

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His backup Chance Nolan came in for one final play, and the rest is history. But Gebbia was seen on crutches and ice on what looked like his left hamstring following the Beavs win.

After the game, a replay on social media began to circulate calling out Oregon sophomore safety Verone McKinley III (#23) for a “dirty play.”

Here’s the “graphic warning” video of the play, but we’ll let you decide if it’s graphic or not.

Oregon State corner Rejzohn Wright posted on Twitter as well:

Was it dirty? It's REALLY HARD to tell based on these angles. 

But, some continue to peddle the theory.

McKinley just seems like he is trying to keep Gebbia out of the end zone. Was it legal? A player isn’t allowed to pull another player off a pile and will be hit with a penalty, but Gebbia was the ball-carrier in this situation. 


To accuse someone of a dirty play is a heavy charge to levy. 

The Beavers won the game and Coach Smith said postgame he didn't believe Gebbia's injury to be very bad. 

Oregon State will play Utah on December 5th.