How Mario Cristobal is educating, encouraging his players to vote

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There is a huge initiative throughout the sports world today encouraging all players to vote during this election season.

The Seattle Seahawks recently cancelled a Saturday practice to ensure all their players were registered to vote.

Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts wore a t-shirt that said “vote” throughout Portland’s practices down in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida. 

Seattle Storm’s Sue Bird and USWNT star Megan Rapinoe sported “vote” masks.

Everybody can and should exercise their right to vote and Oregon head football coach Mario Cristobal feels the same.

On the latest Talkin’ Ducks Podcast with host Jordan Kent, Coach Cristobal explained what he and his coaching staff have put in place regarding educating and encouraging their players to vote:

“We have both discussed it and now every single position coach is double checking to make sure everyone has been registered to vote. Now, we’re going a step farther and we should have a grid, this thing is about 40 pages long that has a very detailed description on of the political stances on every topic imaginable. 

We want our guys to be educated as to who they’re voting on. We don’t want to get caught up in social media waves of momentum. We want them to continue to educate themselves on how their vote can make a tremendous impact.

Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal on encouraging his players to vote

Cristobal makes it clear, the best way to initiate positive change, is letting your voice be heard by the way of a vote.

“It’s important. It’s their duty. It’s our obligation, as well," Cristobal continued. "It’s been very clear for us that the best way to make positive change — it starts with your vote and how important and how much your vote counts.”


Cristobal has always and will continue to be all about his players. He stood behind safety Jevon Holland requesting a name change to one of the buildings on the University of Oregon campus and attended Black Lives Matters protests in Eugene, Oregon.

It's a mutual respect between head coach and player.

Listen to the full Talkin’ Ducks Podcast here.