Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

It was the 2020 National Championship that was bound to happen.

That is, until the COVID-19 pandemic halted the sports world.

Now we are just left wondering how an NCAA championship game between likely the No. 1 South Carolina Gamecocks and the No. 2 Oregon Ducks would have fared.

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On Monday morning, TV basketball analyst Rebecca Lobo and reporter Holly Rowe joined a national pre-draft phone press conference ahead of the 2020 WNBA draft scheduled for Friday, April 17.

Lobo was asked, hypothetically, who would have won between South Carolina and Oregon if these two teams were to meet up in the National Championship game:

Who knows. I covered Oregon a lot this year and I saw them play their last game in the Pac-12 Tournament. They’re just so good on the offensive end, they were improved defensively. I felt when I was around them, certain years you’re around teams who might be a team of destiny and they had that kind of vibe. They had Sabrina, no one else had Sabrina.

It just felt to me that there was just something about Oregon this year and their ability to score. Sabrina just is a difference maker and Oregon’s the team who had her. — Rebecca Lobo

She's not wrong.

The Ducks led the nation this past year in scoring at 86.0 points per game and second in scoring margin at 28.1 points per game. During a four-game, mid-season stretch at No. 4 UConn, hosting No. 12 Arizona and No. 19 Arizona State, and then hitting the road at No. 7 UCLA, the Ducks outscored their opponents 318-222.


Oh yeah, and they beat Team USA 93-86 in an exhibition game on Nov. 9 in Eugene, Oregon.

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It may go down as the biggest “What if” in Oregon history. But we all know who would have won… 

You can watch more in the video above from a WNBA pre-draft phone press conference with Rebecca Lobo and Holly Rowe.