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It's been 10 years... and Michael Dyer was down

Oregon Ducks

The 2011 BCS National Championship between the undefeated Oregon Ducks and undefeated Auburn Tigers was played 10 years ago Sunday.

This also means 10 years ago Dyer was down, even though it wasn't called that way on the field.

He was. 

He just was... 

How do I know? Because I have two eyes and a brain. 

After the Ducks had scored a touchdown from LaMichael James and game-tying two-point conversion from Jeff Maehl with 2:33 remaining in the game, Oregon had all the momentum. They were just over two minutes away from forcing overtime against Cam Newton and the Tigers. 

What happened next would haunt the minds of Ducks fans until they die.

Auburn running back Michael Dyer was tackled by Ducks defensive back Eddie Pleasant for a six-yard gain, except the referees ruled he was never truly down and instead bounced on top of Pleasant, and proceeded to turn the run into a 37-yard gain into field goal range. 

29 Days ‘til College Football Returns: RB Michael Dyer’s controversial run on 1/10/11 puts @AuburnFootball in range for the National Championship winning FG vs Oregon #CFB pic.twitter.com/zoOIkhO88p

— The CFB Show (@TheCFBShow) July 27, 2018

Immediately, "Dyer was down" became a rallying cry for Ducks fans who believe his wrist touching the turf means he was down by contact.

Don't believe your eyes? Well then, believe then-SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

"A few weeks after the game, the Big Ten referees eventually told us that knew they made the wrong call on the field," Slive admits. "I felt like now was the time to reveal this information to both the Auburn and Oregon fan bases."


Auburn would go on to kick a championship-winning field goal as time expired to win 22-19. If he's ruled down and the Ducks force overtime, who knows what happens.

As you're watching the National Championship Game Monday night, just remember: Dyer was down. He's still down.