Joe Moorhead: No discussions about Robby Ashford changing positions

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Make no mistake.

Freshman Robby Ashford is on campus to win the starting quarterback job for the Oregon Ducks as soon as this season. 

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His baseball coach has even said as much, as Ashford runs back-and-forth between the football field and the diamond.

"Robby is a two-sport athlete," Oregon baseball coach Mark Wasikowski said last month. "He’s gonna play football, he’s gonna play baseball. It’s not just all of the sudden he moves over and he’s 100 percent baseball. He wants to be the starting quarterback at the University of Oregon and he feels as though he can do that. He wants that opportunity and I wanna give him that opportunity."

Given the hype surrounding incoming 5-star freshman Ty Thompson and Jay Butterfield, some Oregon fans have speculated if Ashford would change positions to help the Ducks at another position. Especially after Butterfield beat out Ashford for the third-string job last season. 

As of now, that is not even being entertained. 

"That hasn't been discussed," Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead said when asked what other positions he could play. "Robby's a quarterback."


In fact, Moorhead seemed impressed by what Ashford brings to the four-way quarterback competition this fall.

"First thing when you look at him, on the football field or on the diamond, he's a big, physically imposing guy: 6'3", 6'4"-plus, pushing 235 pounds," Moorhead said. "Can run like the wind. Has a very strong arm."

In high school, 247Sports listed Ashford at 219 pounds. Now, the Oregon roster says he's 225 pounds but that number is likely as of the 2020 fall season with Moorhead's estimate more accurate.

On top of his physical attributes, Ashford has been processing the game better every day too despite juggling two sports along with academics.

"Like any young guy, it's really the ability to digest the information about what we're doing and how teams are attacking us and how that all goes together on the practice field," said Moorhead.

"Every meeting, every practice, every rep we're seeing Robby getting a little bit better and it's a credit to him he's able to perform well during spring ball and also help Coach Wasikowski and the baseball team out as well.

"That he's able to run back and forth from football to baseball and be playing well in both of them. That's a credit to him."

Moorhead had good things to say about each of the four quarterbacks during his media session Thursday.

"All guys who can throw. All guys who can run. All guys who can digest it."

As of now, Anthony Brown has been taking all the first-team reps with Ashford splitting second-team reps with Thompson and Butterfield. That distribution will be re-evaluated later into spring football, Mario Cristobal explained last week. 

Oregon fans will get their first look at Ashford's talent during the Ducks spring game on Saturday, May 1.