Justin Herbert cuts his hair and social media goes nuts roasting him


It’s the end of an era. 

LA Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert has cut his hair. 

Herbert’s flowing mane made headlines heading into his final season with the Oregon Ducks. And it happened seemingly by mistake. His summer had been so busy preparing for the season that he said he never had the time to cut it. 

Full author disclosure: Last season, when covering Oregon media day, I referred to Justin Herbert as “Hairbert” while waiting for him to come to our station. My back was to the door when I heard a deep voice say, “Did somebody say Hairbert?” It was Justin, standing in the doorway. He ran his hands through his hair, walked towards me, where I put his mic on, in silence. There was no way I was coming back from that. It was a wonderfully awkward experience.

Thus, the beginning of Justin "Hairbert."

Now, over a year later, a Pac-12 Championship, a Rose Bowl victory and a Top-10 NFL Draft selection later, it happened. 

Herbert said it wasn’t some sort of superstitious move to try and rid himself from the Chargers losses, either. “It might look like that, but honestly, it was just getting long and time to cut it.”

So, now that Herbert is in the entertainment capitol of the world, with so many designers and hair stylists, he must have settled on someone good, right? 


“I wasn’t looking for anything fancy,” Herbert said.



Now, social media has had a chance to weigh in and there’s a lot of thoughts. 

While social media is having fun with Herbert cutting off his flowing locks, this Twitter user dropped the mic on everyone. 

The Chargers take on the Jets this weekend. So, when they inevitably beat their win-less foe, we can thank the haircut for the victory. 

And while Herbert will be 1-0 by the end of the weekend with his new haircut, we can always count on the internet to go undefeated.