Justin Herbert’s phone rang during an interview…here’s who was on the other line


Los Angeles rookie quarterback Justin Herbert will make his third consecutive NFL start on Sunday vs. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The former Oregon quarterback has always had a strong head on his shoulders and a solid sense of professionalism both on and off the field. He may not be a man of a ton of words, but he treats people with respect and never talks about himself. It's always the team.

Until Friday afternoon.

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The rookie made a rookie mistake during his press conference: he forgot to put his cell phone on silent prompting a vibratious ring in the middle of an answer.

The call comes in at the 1:33 mark of this Facebook Live presser.

Yes, the questions regarding Los Angeles’ upcoming game at Tampa Bay are important, but why did no one ask who was on the other line?

We have some thoughts…

  • His parents asking what time the game is on Sunday?
  • Willie Taggart asking for his forgiveness?
  • His grubhub driver with his Chipotle order?
  • Phil Knight asking once again for his shoe size?
  • The Knight Library at the University of Oregon reminding him he forgot to return his books?
  • A free cruise?

Why is no one asking these hard-hitting, extremely important questions?

We’ll never know who was on the other line…