Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

This 2019 Oregon football season has had several bright spots, including the exciting play of Mycah Pittman. The true freshman wide receiver has shown that the future of this program is in good hands... Really strong and sticky hands to be precise. 

Pittman's first season in a Duck uniform has been attacked by injury. A shoulder injury kept him out for the first six games of the season, and now another injury vs. Arizona last Saturday may keep him out the rest of the season.

Pittman working for extra yards, tried to stay off the ground as an Arizona player awkwardly fell into his planted arm. Pittman remained on the field for minutes as the trainers attended to his right wrist with Coach Mario Cristobal hovering over his back, comforting the young receiver.

Pittman was escorted off the field and then came the diagnosis: a broken arm with a timetable for return at six weeks

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Have you ever witnessed one positional group plagued with so many injuries and moving pieces? The Ducks were without grad transfer Juwan Johnson until five games into the season; Pittman suffered a shoulder injury that also kept him out until Cal; Jacob Breeland suffered a season-ending knee injury; Brenden Schooler entered the transfer protocol.

“We’re back to what we’ve done all season… That’s kind of how the season has been with those guys," said Offensive Coordinator Marcus Arroyo. "Those guys have done a great job. They’ll step right up. Next guy up.” 


The players next in line to step up in Pittman’s absence? Arroyo says, just like before, expect more from freshmen Josh Delgado and Bryan Addison as well as Spencer Webb to be moved around from receiver and high end.

On Monday, Cristobal said: “Justin Collins is a guy last year in this game proved to be very valuable, caught a slant down there and got us in the tight red zone at the end of the half. He’s been coming along. He’s coming off an ACL as well.”

Cristobal also mentioned Isaah Crocker, J.R Waters and Lance Wilhoite as options UO will explore. Although, Wilhoite and Waters are both coming off injuries and are likely not caught up to speed.

Overcoming injury is not east feat. It weighs on you both physically and mentally. This being Pittman’s second major injury of the season, senior grad transfer Juwan Johnson made sure to give his ‘Big Brother’ advice:

“It was heart breaking of course. I call him my ‘Little Brother.’ I got to check up on him and make sure he’s right because he just a freshman, they get in their head a lot. The one thing I got to do I keep his head high, keep his head above water, tell him to keep pushing. As long as he knows it’s not over because we still got some games left even if he isn’t back to still keep his head up. Honestly at the end of the day, there is more than football.”