Kamron Taylor, 2023 No. 16 RB, talks Oregon Ducks offer & SNL visit


The Oregon Ducks held its annual 'Saturday Night Live' invite-only camp Saturday leading to the program making numerous offers after seeing the prospects up-close and in-person. 

The first player to publicly announce his Oregon offer was 2023 three-star running back Kamron Taylor, ranked as the No. 16 RB nationally by 247Sports for next cycle.

"After the camp, I went up to the head coach (Mario Cristobal) and we were talking for a little bit," Taylor told NBC Sports NW. "Then he [said] 'Yeah, we're going to shoot you that offer.'

"I had so much excitement on the inside but on the outside, I didn't really show it, that's usually how I am though."

He and Cristobal have continued to talk with the Ducks head coach wanting Taylor to visit Eugene this fall for a home game.

While the offer was likely the highlight of Taylor's first visit to the University of Oregon, it was not the only thing he raved about. 

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"My first impressions were it's nice how they put so much money into [football]," he said citing the facilities.  

However, the flash and swag of Oregon were only complimented by the hardware.

"They have so many trophies, rings, everything from their success in the past and just knowing that they're going to get more is crazy."

Since taking over as head coach, Mario Cristobal has focused on constantly elevating the standard in Eugene to be among the upper echelon of college football. Listening to the Southern California native, the reigning back-to-back Pac-12 Champions are doing just that.


"Once you bring up Oregon and they have a history of just winning all the time, that's big out there in Cali," he said after comparing Oregon's reputation to Alabama as both being elite college football programs.  

It's doesn't hurt the CaliFlock was seen success when enrolling at Oregon, too. 

"Recently last year, I was looking forward to seeing CJ Verdell... and Sean Dollars because all those players live by me and I look up to them and now they're at the school that I would like to go to," said Taylor.

He added other players like Justin Flowe and Jaylon Redd show players from his area can thrive in Eugene: "It makes it... better seeing that players from my area are going to there."

In fact, Taylor has run into Dollars before living in the same area. 

The 5'11", 175-pound running back raved about the family atmosphere surrounding the program, too.

"When I first got here I felt welcomed, I felt like the people were great. As soon as I got there it was just amazing. I met the coaches [for the first time] and everything.

"When I went out there it just felt like it was already home, how they just welcomed us, how nice it was, how everything was already set up. It just felt like it was already home... the people out there are very nice. I'd love to come back out here for some more experience and a game probably."

The connection with Phil Knight's company doesn't hurt either.

"I always wore Nike [growing up]... I like the Nike collaboration they have and it's pretty nice stuff."

Taylor added former Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota was someone he followed "for a very long time" and that seeing "him get drafted to the Titans [was] crazy."

Oregon isn't the only school with an eye on Taylor, though: "Colorado has been on me a lot... Arizona had a camp this weekend but I couldn't make it because all the stuff was paid for to come out [to Eugene].

"I'd like to visit those schools, get the opportunity to visit a lot more schools and see what I have."

Taylor later said he thinks attending SNL would be his final visit this summer before his junior high school season.

"Then junior season we could go have a field day, visit, talk to the other coaches."

First, he needs to prepare for his junior high school season this fall.

"Usually, when I work out, it's at 6 a.m. for an hour, and then I go home, I rest... Gonna be school work and practice," before emphasizing he's been studying the playbook due to the new offense being installed, in addition to watching his tape with a critical eye to always better himself. In fact, one of the appeals to attending SNL was to get coaching from Oregon's staff and learn from his peers.


"I like going to camps to see what I can do better and what type of offense they run," said Taylor.

"[Mastro] said there's no just running the ball, you got to learn how to catch, go into empty set and everything," in terms of the Oregon offense which has a variety of pistol, spread, and empty formations. Coincidentally, Taylor's high school team is installing a new playbook this summer implementing those formations.

"The running back basically does everything." 

Given Taylor's work ethic to go with his high school running a similar offense, it sounds like he'd fit right in as a Man of Oregon.

He holds offers from Nevada, Maryland, Florida-Atlantic, FIU, UNLV, Arizona, and Oregon with Colorado expected to follow. Taylor added he has an interest in UCLA, USC, and Washington as well due to the West Coast connection, but isn’t constrained to staying near home.