Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

Kelly Graves has built the Oregon women’s basketball program into a national power, a team that had a great chance to win a national championship, if it would have had the chance to do so this season.

Has it ever crossed your mind if he would have the same success coaching a men’s team?

Well, it’s crossed his mind.

And he seems to think he could pull it off. After all, as he says, coaching is all about relationships. And he seems to be pretty good with those.

Coaching is coaching. Relationship building is relationship building. That's all coaching is. X's and O's are one thing, a lot of people can do that, but it's building relationships with your players so that they'll do anything for you as a coach. -- Kelly Graves

So if Oregon men’s coach Dana Altman someday decides to take another job or just retire, would Graves entertain the idea of coaching the Ducks’ men’s team?

Well, you can hear him break it down for you in the accompanying video.

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