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LeGarrette Blount claims he once beat LaMichael James in a footrace

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Quick. Who was the faster running back: LeGarrette Blount or LaMichael James?

You likely said James, as the 5'9" running back was known for his speed while at Oregon. 

However, there is at least one person that said Blount without hesitation, and that is LeGarrette Blount himself.

On the latest episode of the Talkin' Ducks podcast with Jordan Kent, Blount made a wild claim, saying he once beat LaMichael James in a foot race. 

He was back and forth with how fast he was, and about how much faster he is than me, and how Texas speed is different than Florida speed, and Florida ain't as fast. I'm like, 'Bro, you're looking at me because I'm 6'1", I weigh 230lbs, but I'm telling you bro, I'm faster than you.'

LeGarrette Blount on LaMichael James

What better way to settle a war of words than to take it to the parking lot. No, not for a fight, but for an impromptu footrace. 

The two Ducks stars lined up and as Blount tells it, James was left in the dust. 

"We went outside and we lined up, we raced and I beat him. He couldn't believe it," said Blount. 

Was it a real race? Was the makeshift course regulation? Blount says the race was plenty fair. "It was long enough for him to catch me if I was in front of him. You know how some people get faster as they go? It was long enough for him to catch me, but it wasn't no catching me."

We can take Blount at his word, but the story is still hard to believe. 

According to Pro Football Reference, 11 different Ducks running backs have ran the 40-yard-dash at the NFL combine since 2000. Of those players, Blount had the slowest time with a 4.70, while James had the fastest at 4.35.


In fact, James had the second-fastest time at the 2012 combine, narrowly trailing the 4.34 of Miami's Lamar Miller.

Blount's time in 2010 ranked 25th among 25 running backs at the combine.

So how do the two rank among the 11 Ducks running backs to run at the combine? Here is a full breakdown.

1) James - 4.35 2) De'Anthony Thomas - 4.39 3)J onathan Stewart - 4.46 4) Onterrio Smith - 4.48 5) Kenjon Barner - 4.52 6) Maurice Morris - 4.53 7) Royce Freeman - 4.54 8) Jeremiah Johnson - 4.57 9) Rueben Droughns - 4.66 10) Terrence Whitehead - 4.69 11) Blount - 4.70

The numbers are in favor of James, but Blount's here to tell a different story. There is only one way to settle this - These two Ducks legends need to lace up the cleats one more time for a final, winner take all, 40-yard-dash for bragging rights. 

[Be sure to isten to the full Talkin' Ducks podcast with host Jordan Kent and special guest LeGarrette Blount]