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Mario Cristobal compares the program's 5 false-positives to a fire drill

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks football program had a scare this past weekend with five antigen tests coming back positive Saturday.

However, following two independent PCR COVID-19 tests, it was concluded all five antigen tests were false-positives and the players were able to practice with the team Tuesday morning.

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When Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal met with the media to discuss the results Tuesday evening, he likened the last few days to a "fire drill" for the program.

"For us, it ended up being a fire drill, right?... I think the hair on the back of everybody's neck was like 'Okay, this may require us to really turn it up and go the extra mile,'" said Cristobal.

Cristobal also mentioned he feels fully confident in the processes within his program with dealing with COVID-19. The program has only had the five false-positives, and no confirmed positives, over the "thousands" of tests done within the past few months. 

"We're really pleased with the urgency in which this matter was handled," said Cristobal. 

Additionally, the Ducks head coach said he "believes" if a player gets a positive antigen test the morning of a game, the program would be able to confirm the test ahead of kickoff to determine if the player can play or not. 

"I do believe there is a process in place for a rapid results PCR or something that's close to being established in that form," said Cristobal, who later added he will find out for sure between media availabilities. 


The five false-positives canceled Saturday's scrimmage and the program already had two off-days scheduled for Sunday and Monday. However, due to the results, a "thorough walkthrough" was added to Monday evening's slate. 

"We still made a lot out of it: offense, defense, and special teams," Cristobal said of the days after the positive antigen tests. "Really took the time to take a deeper dive into our own schematical... corrections, issues, areas of improvement."

Cristobal also mentioned how given the season being played during the pandemic, veteran leadership in the locker room will be relied upon.

"Leadership needs to come from the locker room, and it's going to be looked at and leaned upon... In a year like this, it's more than just football. There's a lot of different things that every single program in America has to deal with, we're going to have guys who are made of the right stuff that can galvanize a place when it goes from what we could have had...

"So, all-in-all, a lot of stuff was learned through the experience and [we're] grateful to continue to go forward and progress as normal," added Cristobal.

The Oregon Ducks will kickoff against Stanford at home on November 7th to open the 2020 college football season. 

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