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Mark Helfrich gives candid interview with ESPN radio

Oregon Ducks

The now former head coach of the Oregon Ducks joined ESPN’S Russillo and Kanell for his first public interview since he was fired earlier this week.

As the university continues its search for a new coach, Helfrich is left to wonder what might have been. Could he have turned the program around? Was the 4-8 season just a blip on the radar? We will never know.  But what better way to understand the situation than to hear from Helfrich himself. Here are a few of the takeaways from the interview:

-Feeling like he was coaching for his job in the Civil War – “That’s kind of a week to week deal in our existence, and that’s kind of the mode we were in the last month or two…Nobody’s safe in this business.”

-Future of Oregon the program: “Whoever ends up being the coach here is going to inherit a very talented team”

-Challenges of being at Oregon now versus 10 years ago: “The uniform thing…has caught on everywhere else. Everybody is doing that in some way, shape, or form. The facilities in the conference, and nationally…there’s an ongoing battle to one-up everybody…People go elsewhere and are sometimes equally ‘wowed’ as when they came to Eugene.”

-What he thinks Oregon should do now: "I thought they had a pretty good situation going, but obviously they disagreed."


- Chip Kelly hating recruiting: “That’s a fact. Don’t know if he hated recruiting, but disliked, strong dislike.”

- Oregon’s press release: “We gave everything to this place. Little disappointed for sure, but nothing I’ll think twice about”

- Calling Chip Kelly: “I just wanted to let him know that to take our personal relationship out of it in every shape and form if he wanted to consider this”

- Why he chose to call Kelly: "It was probably more selfishly than anything. When you start thinking about your assistants and your support staff, if he were to come back, some of those people would be saved…Just trying to take our personal relationship out of it, remove me from the equation, and let him think of it that way."

-His coaching future: “I don’t know. Had a few conversations with different people for…as a head coach, as an assistant, a couple NFL things. I don’t really know at this point. Got a few things going on… again, just trying to help out the guys that helped me out so much; our assistants and our support staff.”

You can listen to the entire interview here