Mike Yam joins Talkin' Ducks to discuss Oregon vs. Ohio State


With the Oregon Ducks football team soon beginning their 2021 season, one of their biggest matchups of the season comes in week two against Ohio State on Sept. 11.

Since 1958, the Buckeyes are 9-0 against the Ducks. Their last win coming in 2014 when they defeated the Ducks for the National Championship.

On the latest episode of Talkin’ Ducks, NFL Network’s Mike Yam joined the show to discuss the significance of the early season game. 

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“There’s no other way to put it, that is one of the top three games,” Yam said. “I would argue it's the number one non-conference game for the Pac-12 conference because of what the expectation level is around this Oregon team. Can they go and win? The short answer is yes because I think their defense is that good.”

A Ducks win could swing the pendulum in the college football playoff. Albeit they would have to stand out the rest of the season, but they would have a notable win on their resume.

“If Oregon wins that football game that changes things dramatically for this league,” Yam said.

Both teams enter this season with new starting quarterbacks. For the Buckeyes, all indications point towards C.J. Stroud, and Anthony Brown is expected to start for the Ducks.


Yam opines the big advantage Oregon has over Ohio State is their experience at the QB spot. Although experience doesn’t always guarantee a win, it does play a factor. Especially early in the season when guys are starting for the time in possibly meaningful games.

“For as much as we want to make about the quarterback spot at Oregon, not for nothing, Ohio State’s also dealing with a brand new quarterback,” Yam said. “The guys on that sideline don’t have a ton of experience. To be quite frank, Anthony Brown has more experience than the quarterbacks Ohio State is going to throw out there in week No. 1.”