Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

So, maybe it wasn't the "Happiest place on Earth" for everyone on Thursday... 

That's because some members of the Oregon Ducks football team got stuck on a ride at Disneyland during the team's ceremonial day. 

Linebacker Ge'mon Eaford recorded the event live on his Instagram account. Fellow Oregon linebacker Mase Funa added a video of the incident on his Instagram story. Jaylon Redd and Johnny Johnson III were also on the ride. 

Juwan Johsnon was part of it...

Nick Pickett got stuck, too!

The malfunction occurred on the Incredicoaster in Pixar Pier, the rollercoaster with the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel. 


It's not known how long the breakdown lasted. But, the players weren't in any imminent danger and they were well cared for. 

So, add that to the adventure of a lifetime!