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Oregon Ducks sign four assistant coaches to contract extensions

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks made some very important moves on Thursday, anchoring down Coach Cristobal's coaching staff for the long haul. 

According to Kevin Wade of 24/7 Sports Duck Territory, Jim Mastro, Alex Mirabal, Bobby Williams, and Joe Salave'a have all been signed to contract extensions. 

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The previous contract for all four coaches expired on January 31st, so many of us expected this to happen in the first place. Still, it's always good to see pen hit paper and to know your guys are locked up.

According to the report, Coach Mirabal signed a three-year deal with an annual base of salary $600,000, before bonuses. That is nearly double the $350,000 Mirabal was paid last season.

Coach Salave'a and Coach Mastro also each signed three-year deals, worth $685,000 and $415,000 per year, respectively. 

Finally, Coach Williams signed a new two-year deal worth $415,000 annually. 

"All of the new contracts include performance incentives worth up to $125,000, academic incentives up to $5000, and yearly fringe benefits such as a courtesy car, tickets, and apparel," reported Wade.

There are always a lot of moving parts when it comes to a team's coaching staff, so it's nice to see some of the big names locked up and in Eugene for years to come.