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Oregon Ducks wake up Pac-12 Champions, leaving others livid

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks are back-to-back Champions! 

That much is true. 

It's a wonderful feeling for members of the Oregon Football team and its fanbase. 

But while the Oregon Ducks and their fans rejoice a conference championship and an automatic berth in the Fiesta Bowl, others are left fuming.

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News and noted Oregon Ducks hater is struggling to cope with the reality of the situation: 

The Pac-12 got what it asked for from the final game of a surreal season.

It got a second-place team as the conference champion, a two-loss team in its best bowl game, and another postseason of second-class treatment by the national media and all the key figures in the college football machinery.

Oregon didn’t win its division but was given a pass into the championship game — in addition to an extra week of rest — and defeated USC 31-24 on Friday in an entertaining game at the Coliseum.

No other Power Five league that uses the division format would have undermined the integrity of the regular season and the championship by elevating a second-place team.

Then, there's the Washington Huskies contingency, who are barking about how Oregon and USC are lucky they didn't have to face them. 

Then, there was former Husky Jordan Reffett is struggling coming to terms with Oregon claiming victory, as well. 

Reffett never had a winning season while at Washington, which included a 1-10 season. He also never beat Oregon while at Washington. 


Keep in mind, Washington being named Pac-12 North Champions was on a technicality, but getting upset Oregon won the Pac-12 Championship is total hypocrisy. 

More from Wilner: 

The end result was very Pac-12:

Instead of an undefeated, top-10/12 representing the conference in the Fiesta Bowl, the conference will send a two-loss, No. 20-something to face a top-10 team from the Big Ten or the SEC.

The Pac-12 needs USC to thrive in order for the conference to achieve maximum success on the field and at the negotiating table when its media rights are up for bid in two years.

It could have declared a no contest in the title game once the North champion withdrew — as the Big Ten or SEC would have done.

Instead, it gave Oregon a chance and the Ducks, to their credit, took advantage.

Despite the hate on social media, it seems like Pac-12 Championship Game MVP Kayvon Thibodeaux is embracing it. 

So is strength coach Aaron Feld. 

And that this point, that's all anyone can do.

Embrace the hate.

The Ducks have become the faction of misplaced and misdirected anger. 

Whether people agree with how things turned out, blame the Pac-12, not the Oregon Ducks.