Oregon-OSU rivalry: ESPN announcer tells wild story of niece getting hit in the head


The Oregon-Oregon State rivalry game may not be called the "Civil War" anymore, but the game is anything but civil. 

The match-up, which has taken place since 1894, is one of the oldest in college football, but some believe it may even be one of the most contentious. 

For Oregonians, it's all about bragging rights, household dominance, and a chance to rub it in the face of the losing team.

When one walks around a tailgate at Autzen Stadium or Reser Stadium, they might see a stuffed mascot dangling from a rope. A duck may even be on the barbecue.  

There's smack talk. There's angry glares and gestures. But for ESPN sideline reporter Shelley Smith, who spoke from personal experience, there's violence. 

"This is one of the nastiest rivalries in all of college football," Smith said on the broadcast. "How do I know? Because I’ve been to a bunch of them."

Once, I was here with my niece Vanessa, who was wearing her Ducks jacket. She got hit in the head with a chunk of ice. It didn’t know her out, but it knocked her silly. 

Shelley Smith, ESPN

That story from Smith is horrible. And hopefully her niece wasn't seriously injured. But, the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry is not one of the nastiest in college football. Oregonians certainly care, but the players aren't as invested in it as some other rivalries around the nation. 

Also, as of late, it's been a little lopsided. 

OSU has only won 6 contests since 2000. The Ducks are often ranked and ranked high. 

Overall, Oregon leads 66–47–10. 

There's obviously more to this story. We'll keep our eye out for additional information.