Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Oregon football coach Willie Taggart moments ago at Pac-12 Media Days said that the Ducks would not wear a different uniform combination for every game this season like it had during most seasons in recent years. 

"We're not going to have 12," he said. "We're going to cut back."

Taggart wouldn't elaborate on exactly how many combinations Oregon would wear, only saying that they are set for 2017 and 2018. 

"We're going to be sharp," Taggart said. "But you won't see as many different combinations. We want to play football. Those uniforms are really nice when you have a really good football team."

Oregon went 4-8 last year. 

Oregon is famous for its seemingly infinate number of uniform combination. Watch a Marcus Mariota highlight video and it looks like he played for 25 different teams. That will change under Taggart. At least for now. 

"We've got to do some good things and play well to make those uniforms look like we want them to," he said. 

Oregon sophomore linebacker Troy Dye said he likes the new philosophy.

"You've got to earn back the stripes to wear a different uniform every week," he said. "Just try to get that trust back from Nike and show them that we're still a top tier school and win big games."

Nike, huh? When pressed, Dye said Taggart didn't tell the team why the were not having as many combinations this season. He just assumed it was because of Nike due to a poor season.


"I just figured," Dye said. 

Dye said he didn't give much thought to the uniform combinations last season but in hindsight he can see how they might have looked a bit silly given how poorly the team played. Oregon sophomore quarterback Justin Herbert agreed.

"Looking back at it we probably didn't earn them," Herbert said. 

Doubling back to Taggart, when informed of Dye's comments he said that Nike was not behind the change. Taggart said there will still be plenty of combinations just not a new one each game. That in itself will be a big change for Oregon.