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Kelly Graves is a big believer in Gonzaga Men's Basketball

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Kelly Graves is already an Oregon legend. He has been head coach for the Ducks since 2014, and under his leadership the women's basketball program has achieved success like never before. Needless to say, Graves bleeds green and yellow. 

However, he does have a soft spot for a team to the north. No, not the hated Huskies. We're talking about the Gonzaga Bulldogs. 

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Prior to coming to Eugene, Graves was the head coach for the Gonzaga women's basketball team from 2000-14. A decade and a half at one school is more than enough to always hold them near and dear to your heart. But Graves has another reason to keep on and on the Bulldogs - His son Will plays for the men's basketball team. 

Gonzaga is currently No.1 in the country, an undefeated 26-0, and a favorite to win the NCAA Tournament this season.

Coach Graves has kept a close eye on his son's squad all season long, and he is a believer in the Bulldogs.

"I've seen every game that Gonzaga's played this year, so I know what I'm talking about here," said Graves on the latest episode of Talkin' Ducks. "They are really, really good. They're good at both ends of the floor. They have experience. They play with great swagger."


Offensively, I'm telling ya, one of the best teams I've ever seen in college basketball.

Kelly Graves on the Gonzaga Bulldogs

Only seven teams in the history of men's college basketball have gone undefeated and won a national title. The Bulldogs are just six games away from becoming No. 8. 

Said Graves, "you know, there hasn't been an undefeated team in men's college basketball since 1976, the Indiana Hoosiers, but I really do believe this Gonzaga team could win it all."

How confident is Graves in Gonzaga's ability to bring home the title? Confident enough to dip into the bank account to book the trip to Indy.

"I've already made our reservations to Indianapolis... Will, no pressure buddy."

Graves is intent on going to see his son play for a national title, but there is one, and only one reason he will gladly miss it.

"The only reason I would give those tickets up is if we were playing that third weekend in San Antonio. I would gladly eat whatever I paid on those airline tickets and hotel room."

What a thrill as a parent to watch your son go through this. Play on arguably the best team in the country and have a chance to win the National Championship. It's a pretty neat deal and I feel really blessed.

Kelly Graves on watching his son at Gonzaga