Pac-12 to announce Championship game plans, week 7 matchups this weekend


Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has an opportunity to right this ship.

What was supposed to be a Saturday game to determine the winner of the Pac-12 North division, is now awarded to the team who cannot field a team. 

On Thursday, the Oregon Ducks (3-2) and Washington Huskies (3-1) showdown was cancelled due to the Huskies unable to field a roster with the minimum 53 scholarship players because of COVID-19 protocols.  

And so, Washington wins the North. 

Not fair. 

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We want to see the “true” North champion against the “true” South champion in the Pac-12 conference championship game. 

The Ducks could schedule another opponent for this Saturday, but the time is dwindling down for that opportunity especially if that opponent is coming from out of the conference. 

A similar situation is happening in the south division. There are two teams currently undefeated, USC and Colorado. Should both those teams defeat their rival this Saturday, then shouldn’t the two then face off against one another to determine the south winner?

Push the originally schedule December 18 Pac-12 title game back one week, reschedule the Oregon-Washington game for next week and then the results will determine the participants in the title game…

There are a lot of circumstances and possibilities floating out there, but it’s up to Larry Scott. 


According to Jon Wilner of the Pac-12 Hotline newsletter, the conference should announce its plans soon. 

So, how's it all going to shake out? That's anyone's guess. But things are a mess right now and it's just another layer of dysfunction in the year 2020.