Pac-12 refs strike again with horrendous P.I. called against Oregon


There are bad calls and missed calls, and then there are Pac-12 ref calls.

The notorious referee crew in the Pac-12 conference is known for its questionable calls during football games, but one in particular will haunt the No. 23 Oregon football team against the Cal Golden Bears.

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The Bears were marching down the field when a few costly Oregon mistakes gave Cal a new set of downs: Oregon had 12 men on the field during a punt. A few plays later and down in the redzone, Kayvon Thibodeaux was hit with an unsportmanship penalty on third down gifting the Bears with another fresh set of downs.

Remind you, Oregon should have been off the field a long time ago by this point. 

But those are all on the Ducks.

This one is on the Pac-12 refs.

Safety Bennett Williams was called for defensive pass interference on this play.

It was fourth down. The Ducks kept the Bears out of the end zone once again. Until that yellow flag hit the surface.

Another fresh set of downs and on the very next play, a Cal touchdown.

It was an outrageous call that cost the Ducks seven points on the road.

Duck fans on twitter definitely had something to say about it.