Pac-12 reportedly weighing co-commissioner structure

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

For what feels like an eternity, the Pac-12 Conference has been the laughing stock of the nation when it comes to Power 5 amateur athletics. 

How much of that was based in fact and how much was based in the teams playing while the East Coast went to bed is up for debate, but the conference saw the issue and took a large step in the right direction, with commissioner Larry Scott agreeing to step down in June.

But who will replace him? Well, the Pac-12 is considering an unprecedented structure.

Per Jon Wilner of The Mercury News, the Pac-12 has been weighing having two co-commissioners run the conference with one being named the official leader and the other acting as "a liason to the Athletic Directors" as a de facto co-commissioner. 

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Four months into the search, one candidate being "actively discussed" is Amy Brooks who played basketball at Stanford before her current position as the NBA's president for business operations and chief innovation officer.

However, she, like Larry Scott prior to being named Pac-12 commissioner, has never worked in college sports. 

The conference's presidents and chancellors are seeking a candidate who can maximize revenue and give the conference a strong negotaition positon during impending rights talks in 18-24 months. 


Sources "stressed" to Wilner hiring a single person to do both roles, just as every other P5 conference has, is still being considered, as well.