A Penei Sewell slide in the 2021 NFL Draft would cost him MILLIONS


 Happy NFL Draft, everyone!

The day is finally here, where standout college prospects get to see where they will start their professional career in the NFL.

For Ducks lineman Penei Sewell, his name will most likely be called on in the first ten picks. 

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Some mock drafts have him going as early as No. 5 to the Cincinnati Bengals.

While others see him falling to the No. 13 spot to the Los Angeles Chargers and being reunited with his old college teammate Justin Herbert.

Although Sewell has mentioned he does want his name called early, he might want to be off the board quickly for another reason.

The big payday.

So let's say Sewell gets drafted by the earliest he is projected to go, which is to the Bengals at pick No. 5.

According to Spotrac, Sewell's payday would at $29M, which includes the $18M signing bonus. Not a bad payday! 

But the number does start to go down after the fifth pick.

Let’s say he goes down to No. 8 to the Carolina Panthers-- he would be set to make $20M total.

A big drop-off when you think about how they are just three picks away from each other.

Well, what if Sewell drops down to No. 13 to the Chargers and joins Herbert in LA?

A nice reunion, but man, the money is not the same now that he out of the top-10.


He would be set to make $15M.

From making $29M at the fifth spot, to going down to $15M at No. 13 is a big jump in the wrong direction.

The likelihood of Sewell dropping down that low in the draft likely won't happen, but stranger things have happened.

Regardless, Sewell is set to make a mighty payday!

Depending on how big that payday is will go off of where he will go.