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Report: Nine Oregon Ducks students tested positive for COVID-19

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James Crepea of The Oregonian reports that Oregon had nine University of Oregon students test positive for the coronavirus back in June according to university documents acquired by the paper. 

The identities of if any were student-athletes is unclear. Originally, Oregonlive had reported that nine student-athletes had tested positive for the virus in June.

Here's what Oregonlive said about the change.

Clerical error and failure to note the athletes’ test results, labeled on the document as “Cases — UO Athletes” and further noting the “athletics testing program,” were actually separate documents and had been redacted, citing state medical privacy law, caused confusion over the chart of results being for athletes and not the university community as a whole

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The University of Oregon has refused to release any information regarding the coronavirus and its student-athletes since the beginning of the pandemic while schools such as Oregon State and Clemson were reporting results to the public.

Instead, the University would send out releases stating how many students tested positive weekly.  The school has reported 43 total cases on the Eugene campus since June 12. In June, the university stated that 12 total students had tested positive over that month. 

Just two weeks ago, Oregon head football coach Mario Cristobal went on Fox's Big Noon Kickoff and hinted that the Ducks haven't had a positive test yet for the coronavirus.


"We've been here now a total of seven and a half, coming up on eight weeks and our processes have been flawless. We don't publicly put our results out there but I think the best way to say [it] is that we have been flawless in our processes and our results."

As for those processes in place to keep the student-athletes of Oregon safe, Cristobal said he "can't imagine anyone having anything better out there but we're always researching. We're always digging. We're always looking for information good and bad out there. Anything that can affect us in a positive way. Anything that can help us enhance our processes."

Despite the "flawless" protocol, Cristobal said he and his staff are always trying to better it because the safety of his players is the top priority.

"It's as simple as that. Is it safe or is it not? If it is, then okay, let's try this. And if it's it not, then there's no point," said Cristobal.

When hundreds of Pac-12 football players publicly spoke out against the conference asking for better COVID-19 mandates among other demands, many Oregon football players made sure to say that their demands have nothing to do with the way that Cristobal and the Oregon program has handled the virus.

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