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Sabrina Ionescu’s dad confirmed what we already knew: ‘She is the best’

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When Sabrina Ionescu’s dad wasn’t dropping her off at women’s hoops games, he was driving for Uber.

At least that’s according to one Twitter user who had an incredible story about Dan Ionescu, the father of Oregon legend and New York Liberty No. 1 pick in 2020, Sabrina Ionescu.

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In a series of posts on Wednesday, Luka Dukich, @itsluka, recounted a story from a few years ago when he stepped into an Uber and met a “friendly Romanian dude” who said his daughter was a college basketball player. Luka responded, “she must be good!”

The driver turned to Luka, raised a finger, and replied with, “No. She is not good. She is THE BEST.”

Nothing is quite out of the ordinary about this story yet-- the remark honestly sounds like something any dad would say about their kid.

But as Luka departed his Uber, the driver handed him his business card. It revealed his name: Dan Ionescu.


Couple years later it turns out he was 100% right. She WAS the best.


And the triple-double queen herself confirmed the story.

Sabrina’s dad tells no lies.

She is the first NCAA player with 2,000 career points, 1,000 career assists and 1,000 career rebounds, NCAA all-time leader in career triple-doubles, 2020 Naismith Player of the Year, 2020 AP Player of the Year, and the current and future star of the New York Liberty.

We could go on, but Sabrina’s career accomplishments, milestones and list of accolades is long. With Ionescu soon returning to the court after suffering a grade 3 ankle sprain which required surgery during her rookie season, that list is expected to keep on growing in 2021.