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Sabrina Ionescu's NBA 2K model could not be worse

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The world's most popular basketball video game series, NBA 2K, has started adding more women to the popular series, beginning in NBA 2K20 and even added "The W" mode in 2K21. 

But the results have been less than desired with Own S. Good of Polygon stating it's nothing more than a first step. 

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But, how much work needs to be done?

Um... a lot, as shown as these horrific screenshots of triple-double queen Sabrina Ionescu from Mike Mulloy on Twitter.

Are you kidding me 2K? That looks like her? It'd be understandable if it was an end-of-the-bench player, but getting her so horribly wrong when a crystal clear, perfect Zion Williamson was marketed to show off the next-gen graphics shows that 2K did not care. 

Both Sabrina and Zion were heavily-hyped, first-overall picks who signed with Nike coming out of college and had injury-plagued, but highly-covered rookie seasons. 

Look at the difference in models.

Here's a list of things NBA 2K decided to do instead of give Sabrina a respectable model that even remotely resembles her likeness. 

  • Be the only video game company to charge for a next-gen upgrade, necessitating a minimum $40 upgrade fee from PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series X.
  • Quadruple-down on inserting gambling mechanics into a game aimed at minors to encourage heavy sums of money to, quite literally, play the slots as they proudly advertised last year.
  • Adding unskippable ads into a $59.99 game. 

Glad to see 2K's resources are going in the right places. 


At the least, please fix Sabrina.