Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

Sabrina Ionescu’s resume is long and exceptional: Two-time Pac-12 Conference player of the year; back-to-back First-Team All-American; National Player of the Year candidate; NCAA career triple-double record holder (18); probable No. 1 overall WNBA pick and owns too many UO program records to count.

The junior is a brilliant mentor in the University of Oregon community, a strong Christian, a devoted daughter and a twin.

Her twin title, obviously not chosen, is just as prominent in her life as any of the other accolades. After transferring from City College of San Francisco, twin brother Eddy is now Sabrina’s roommate in Eugene, Oregon. Eddy stands at 6-foot-5, six inches taller than his sister and 18 minutes younger. The shooting guard hopes to walk on the Ducks men’s basketball team, loves Oregon already and thought it would rain more in Eugene. Of course, the two hoopers live a stone’s throw away from Matthew Knight Arena.

Eddy’s unique perspective gives incredible insight into Sabrina’s past as a first-generation Romanian and future, as she weighs the decision to go professional or not. In part one of this series, we get to know Sabrina through her twin’s eyes via rapid fire questions.

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Stay tuned as Eddy plans to take fans along in his journey to Oregon’s first Women’s Final Four in Tampa Bay, Florida through videos and photos on NBC Sports Northwest’s Instagram and Twitter.


Does Sabrina have any pregame traditions? 

EDDY: She always has to take a nap before a game.

Even early and super late games?

EDDY: Every game unless it’s like at 11 a.m.

What is your sister’s junk food weakness?

EDDY: Ice cream.

What is the hashtag that best describes Sabrina?

EDDY: #Franchise

Her most used emoji?

EDDY: Crying laughing face

Go to dance move?

EDDY, laughs: Sabrina doesn’t dance.

Favorite cartoon character?

EDDY: Minnie

Why does she wear number 20?

EDDY: It was one of the first numbers given to her. So she stuck with it.

Who is better at singing karaoke?

EDDY: Me, absolutely.

What is your go-to song?

EDDY: Gosh, that’s a hard one. Michael Buble.

Did you know he’s coming to perform in Portland?

EDDY: YES! I know, I know. I talked to Sabrina about going.

Who takes more selfies? 

EDDY: Sabrina.

You used to communicate basketball plays to one another in Romanian, are you still fluent in Romanian?

EDDY: We still are fluent in Romanian and we still speak to each other in Romanian. In terms of basketball, I don’t speak to her while she’s playing in Romanian. Not anymore, at least.

What’s the best slang term?

EDDY: It’s kind of hard to say, but in English it means the little bug doesn’t go to the water often. Which means you can’t continue to do a bad habit over an over again because eventually it’ll bite you in the ass. By the way, you can take out the word “ass” in this interview.

Hell no, I like the personality and realness. 3 words, describe your sister, go!

EDDY: Funny, competitive and enthusiastic.

Who would win in a free throw competition?


What about a 3-pt competition?

EDDY: It depends on the day. It’s about 50-50. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Sounds like you two are very competitive. When was the last time you played HORSE?

EDDY: Not too long ago. Maybe like a month ago.

Who won?

EDDY: I won the first game, she won the second game and we couldn’t play a third because we were in Matthew Knight Arena and they had to turn the lights off.

Who is cleaner?

EDDY: We are both pretty clean. I would say me, though. I’m kind of OCD.

Steph Curry calls Sabrina the walking triple-double, what do you call her? 

EDDY, laughs: My sister.

What does she call you?

EDDY: She calls me “Ed."

A game of pickup basketball and you can pick literally anyone in the world, who is first?


EDDY: First in the world, hmmm… I’d probably take Kobe Bryant.

Where does Sabrina land on the list?

EDDY: In the starting five. She would be my point guard.