Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

Eddy Ionescu, Sabrina's twin brother, takes fans along in his journey to Oregon’s first Women’s Final Four in Tampa Bay, Florida through videos and photos on NBC Sports Northwest’s Instagram and Twitter.

"There are Duck fans literally everywhere," Eddy said. "On the plane with me, all around here! Morale is super high."

Eddy booked his return flight to Eugene, Oregon on Monday, in confidence in his sister and the Ducks. 

After transferring from City College of San Francisco,  Eddy is now Sabrina’s roommate in Eugene. Eddy stands at 6-foot-5, six inches taller than his sister and 18 minutes younger. The shooting guard hopes to walk on the Ducks men’s basketball team, loves Oregon already and thought it would rain more in Eugene. Of course, the two hoopers live a stone’s throw away from Matthew Knight Arena.


Eddy’s unique perspective gives incredible insight into Sabrina’s past as a first-generation Romanian and future, as she weighs the decision to go professional or not.

In part one of this series, we get to know Sabrina through her twin’s eyes via rapid fire questions.

In part two, Eddy helps answer the question "what's next for Sabrina?"