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Why it could be in Huskies best interest to not play the Ducks

Oregon Ducks

After Washington State got blown out by USC on Sunday, the stakes on clear for this upcoming weekend.

Whoever wins on Autzen Stadium between Oregon (3-2) and Washington (3-1) will leave not only with a winner over each other's largest rival, but as Pac-12 North Champions. 

But what happens if that game isn't played due to COVID-19? Well, Washington would win the North.

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As pointed out by Fox Sports radio host George Wrighster III, Washington will win the Pac-12 North with a 3-1 conference record if the game is cancelled. 

If the game doesn't happen, then it means either Oregon and Washington cannot field a team. If Oregon can't field a team, then Washington likely clinches the division even if they lose to a different Pac-12 opponent.

Should the Oregon-Washington game be cancelled, the only way the Ducks would still have a chance to win the Pac-12 North is if: 

  • Oregon can't play
  • The Washington State-Cal game is cancelled
  • Washington schedules game with either WSU or Cal and loses

If this scenario plays out, both Washington and Oregon will each have a 3-2 conference record. The Huskies would be 1-2 in the North and the Ducks would be 2-2. Oregon, in this case, would win the North. 

If Washington needs to cancel, then there is no way for Oregon to catch up and win the Pac-12 North. Therefore, in theory, it's in Washington's best interest to not play this week.


Will that happen deliberately? Of course not. 

Not only would it be a massive scandal, but Washington sees this game at Oregon as their game of the year. Oregon is Washington's largest rival, they are the defending Pac-12 Champions, and they are on pace to have the Pac-12's best recruiting class three years running.

Nearly every prospect Washington goes hard after so does Oregon. Imagine what a win in Autzen would do for kids considering between going to Seattle or Eugene? 

Now, on Wednesday, the first domino fell regarding the game being put in jeopardy. 

Whether this game happens now is anyone's guess. 

Jimmy Lake wants that ace in his pocket and expect a heated rivalry game on Saturday, December 12th at 1:00 p.m. PT.