Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

If you haven't read the story today about three Oregon football players being hospitalized after a series of off-season strength and conditioning workouts, you should.  It's getting play all over the country.

Rhabdomyolysis is nothing to be trivialized. And neither is pushing players to such physical danger zones about eight months before their next football game. I thought that kind of stuff went out in the 1960s -- coaches pushing players beyond limits just to "toughen them up."

Obviously, the strength and conditioning coach here should be questioned about his methods. All players should be evaluated by physicians before starting such programs and allowances have to be made for every single player's level of conditioning or special physical problems. I have no idea what was done in this case but three players landing in a hospital is an indication that something was amiss.

And it all falls on the shoulders of Taggart, who as the head coach is responsible for everything in the program. I saw this story discussed on four different national sports shows of various ilks Tuesday and all of them put the program in a negative light.

Taggart has some work to do.