Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

You hear it all the time: Oregon has fired head football coach Mark Helfrich... OK, that's fine -- but who is out there for you to hire that's a better coach than he was?

I may have even said that myself. Certainly Rob Mullens, the athletic director at Oregon, has a tough job on his hands. A lot of people will tell you there's no one out there who would take the job who is as qualified as Helfrich was.

But you know, I had the same feeling when Mike Riley left Oregon State. I had no confidence the Beavers could land anybody of the same caliber as Riley. At the time, I read lists people were compiling that included young, untried assistant coaches and head coaches from the lower divisions who may or may not have been able to handle the rigors and responsibilities of coaching at the Pac-12 level.

But, of course, Gary Andersen showed up from Wisconsin and the Beavers have one of the best coaches in the conference and somebody who has embraced the university and the community. He seems the perfect fit.

So it seems a natural conclusion for me to say this: if the Beavers could do it, why can't the Ducks?