OSU Beavers

Beavers fans lose their mind following the worst spot you've ever seen

OSU Beavers

What did we just watch? I dunno, but I can tell you it may have been the worst spot you will ever see.

With the Beavers trailing by three early in the fourth quarter, they faced a very tough decision: Go for it on fourth and inches or kick the field goal to tie?

Coach Smith elected to roll the dice and go for it, with the four-yard-line the marker to reach to convert. 

Gebbia took the snap, put the ball in Jermar Jefferson's breadbasket and let the star running back do the rest.

Jefferson hit the hole, ran through contact and fell to the ground well past the four-yard-line. First and goal Beavers... until it wasn't. 

The refs spotted the ball short of the line and ruled it a turnover on downs. 

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Cut to commercial break...

No replay to see, so challenge, no nothing. 

After a long break, the game popped back up and all we got was a call from the confused play-by-play crew that the spot was confirmed. What?

It made no sense. There was no question Jefferson got the first. But the refs are gonna ref. 

Heated, Beavers fans took to social to vent their frustrations for a call so bad it may have cost Oregon State the game. Those who weren't Beavers fan, they just joined in to voice their general confusion on one of the most perplexing calls they've ever seen.