Beavers: Isaac Hodgins gets engaged following Oregon State's Spring Game


After the conclusion of the 2021 Oregon State spring football season, the program saved the best for last.

With the team huddled at midfield, junior defensive tackle Isaac Hodgins got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Taylor Lawson, a senior gymnast at Stanford.

Of course, she said yes.

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"It's been a few weeks now in the works," he explained after proposing to Lawson. "Just talking about it, thinking about it with Isaiah [Hodgins]. Just [talking] with my whole family [and] seeing what the best route to be was."

About a week before the Spring Game, Hodgins brought the idea up to Jonathan Smith, and then the program began planning the logistics to make it possible.

"[Hodgins] came in and started talking about it," recalls Smith. "He had a vision for what he wanted to take place so it was about a week ago we started to map [it] out." 

"Brought it to Coach Smith last week, him and DVD [Dan Van De Riet, Director of Football Operations] helped me a lot with everything," added Hodgins, who said he felt "blessed." 

The plan was executed to perfection, with Hodgins having his mother, father, sister, Taylor's mom, and some friends in the stands; all who knew besides the bride-to-be. 

"It was a surprise," explained Lawson. "I was kind of wondering like 'Oh, I'm going onto the field for pictures? Okay, cool,' but everything was a surprise. I'm so happy and excited."


The couple has been dating for "almost three months" after meeting in the Bay Area earlier this year. 

"We're both Christians so... we usually move kind of fast because we got to keep the marriage bed pure," joked Hodgins. 

"She was in the Bay Area, kind of heard about her randomly, found her on Instagram somehow, two weeks later sent her a dm and it was off to the races." 

While Hodgins was all smiles after getting her answer, he was a nervous wreck since waking up this morning.

"I was nervous from 5 am the moment I woke up," he said. "I was nervous about the Spring Game and this [so] it compounded nervousness. I wasn't nervous after everybody started celebrating. 

"I was just thinking about it a lot but I was able to [focus on] business and concentrate on my game."

When the plan was being hatched, Lawson was not the only one surprised to hear about Hodgins' plan.

"A lot of dudes seemed surprised," he said. "Even in the locker room, a couple days leading up, some overheard me saying I was going to propose and were like 'You got a girlfriend?' 

"They were just surprised about the whole thing."

Hodgins told his fellow defensive linemen ahead of the event but most of his teammates found out the same time Taylor did.

Congrats to the happy couple!!