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Beavers take one on the chin against Stanford

OSU Beavers
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Another week, another Beavers game that went down to the wire.

Against Oregon, Utah, and now Stanford, the game was decided in the final seconds.

On Saturday, with Oregon State trailing 27-24, quarterback Chance Nolan took the ball and hoped to lead the Beavers on a last-minute game-winning drive. 

It looked like the Beavers were going to pull it off.

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 In the final seconds, Nolan kept the ball, ran through an open hole and appeared to at least get Oregon State into field goal range. However, as he fought for more yards Stanford was able to dislodge the ball and force a fumble.

The ball fell out of Nolan's hands, bounced toward the endzone and Stanford was able to recover.

It was like a movie as the Beavers watched the play unfold in slow-motion and their chance at victory and a winning season slip away.

Here's a quick breakdown of the game:

The Good

Chance Nolan finds the zone

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday, Chance Nolan made his first start in Salt Lake City against the Utes. He looked out of sorts and a step behind on every play. The butterflies and first game jitters seemed to be getting to him. This time around, it was a different story.

Nolan came out and looked like an entirely new player. He was slinging the ball and threading the needle. He had more than one dime of a pass. 


He ended the night with 221 yards and three touchdowns.

It was an overall solid game, but that fumble on the final play for the Beavers will haunt him.

The RB stable is monstrous

Last week the Beavers did not have star running back Jermar Jefferson and his backup BJ Baylor ended up injured as well. Both healthy this week, the Beavers showed how powerful and balanced their running attack is. 

Jefferson had 80 yards, Baylor had 39, and even wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey chipped in 33. Add in the quarterbacks and you got another 82 yards on the ground from Chance Nolan and Jack Colletto.

It was just an overall balanced running attack and the top two running backs set the tone. 

The Bad

The team remains inconsistent on both sides of the ball

Everything the Beavers do, they do in glimpses. They show a little bit of how good they can be, then regress on the next drive. 

On offense, they will go from an incredibly long drive that shows their power and skill to an inexplicable three and out.

Conversely, on defense they will get a huge stop or force a Standford punt, only to be gashed for big play after big play on the next drive. 

To find success in the long run they need to just make their overall play more consistent. Make the big plays the norm, not the flash of brilliance.

The Highlight

Chance Nolan baited the Stanford defense to jump offsides then used the free play to throw an absolute dime for a touchdown.

The Stat

The Beavers offense was about as perfectly balanced as it could get. They ended the game with 237 yards rushing and 221 yards through the air.

The Quote

Quotes will be added after the post-game press conference

The Next Game

The Beavers will play a Pac-12 team next Saturday to end the season, but that opponent and location are to be determined. Even if the Beavers win next week they will not be able to go to a bowl game as they will be below the required .500 record. Opponents for next week are expected to be announced Sunday.