Betting on the Beavers tournament run could have paid out MILLIONS


The Oregon State Beavers are still dancing! 

After entering the season picked to finish last in the Pac-12, Oregon State did the unthinkable: They won the Pac-12 Tournament!

They were a No. 5 seed and had to defeat UCLA, Oregon and Colorado to clinch an automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament. 

In each of those games, they were underdogs. They won. 

The Beavs improbable run didn’t end there, either. 

Not content just to make the tournament, Wayne Tinkle’s squad, led by Ethan Thompson and Jared Lucas upset the No. 5 Tennessee Volunteers. 

Then, they marched on in the Midwest Region to upset the No. 4 Oklahoma State Cowboys. 

And on Saturday, with the odds against them again, a victory! 

The Beavers are headed to the Elite 8 for the first time in 39 years and are the lowest-seeded team to go this deep in the NCAA tournament since Missouri in 2002. 

Hopefully, for Beaver Nation, their run won’t end on Monday. 

And if you were betting on the Beavers this whole time, you’d stand to earn a MASSIVE payday. 

We have conducted a theoretical exercise using odds provided by our partner PointsBet should a person have bet on the Beavs at the start of the Pac-12 Tournament and what they would stand to make.

For this exercise, Person A placed a $100 bet on the Oregon State Beavers to win the Pac-12 Tournament and $100 bet on the Beavers opening game vs. UCLA. 


After that, Person A would roll their winnings over into each subsequent game. 

The Beavers were +3000 to win the P12 tournament. So, a $100 bet would earn Person A $3,000, plus their initial wager. 

In Oregon State’s opening game vs. UCLA, they were underdogs at +180. 

They won 83-79. 

Person A now has $280, which they rolled over into the Beavers next game vs. Oregon. 

OSU sat at +310 in this game. 

They won 75-64. 

Person A now has $1,148, which they rolled into the P12 Championship game vs. Colorado. 

The Beavs were underdogs again, sitting at +305. Person A let it ride, putting $1,148 on the Beavers to win. 

And then they won the Pac-12 Championship Game 70-68!

Person A, elated, was paid  $4,649 for the Championship Game and $3,100 for their bet on the Beavs to win the Tournament

Person A turned a $200 initial investment into $7,749!!!

But the Beavers run isn’t over yet and now Person A is feeling it! 

So they take their winnings and put $100 on Wayne Tinkle’s squad to win the NCAA Tournament. Oregon State, a No. 12 seed in the Midwest Region, had the second worst odds to win the tournament, at +50000. A $100 bet would yield a $5M return!

So now, Person A has $7,649 to wager on the Beavers in their opening round game vs. No. 5 Tennessee. Oregon State was at +275 in that game. 

Upset city! 

Oregon State dominated Tennessee 70-56!

Person A’s payout for that win was $28,683.75. 

Does Person A stop? NO! Of course not! 

They let it ride in the second round vs. Oklahoma State where they were once again underdogs at +200. 

You’d think the Beavers would be scaring oddsmakers by now…

Ethan Thompson dropped 26 points on the Cowboys and the Beavers advanced to the Sweet 16!  

Person A’s payout? $86,051.25

We’re now at 430X return! 

But, now it’s onto Sister Jean’s Loyola-Chicago squad. The Beavers are underdogs at +220. Typical, right?

It wasn’t pretty, but the No. 12 Beavers took down the Ramblers 65-58.

The payout? 


And now it’s onto the Elite 8 vs. No. 2 Houston, one of the most balanced teams in the NCAA Tournament. 

For Monday night’s game, the Beavers are +270 underdogs vs. the Cougars. 

If Person A puts all their money on the Beavers, they would stand to get paid out $1,018,846.80!!!!!

An initial $200 investment would make you a millionaire! 

Should Oregon State advance to the Final 4 and the NCAA Championship Game, using the average underdog odds, +241, here’s what person A would get paid out: 

OSU +241 Final Four — $3,474,267.59 

OSU +241 Championship — $11,847,252.48 

If the Beavers win it all, Person A would also win $5M off their $100 bet, bringing their total winnings to $16,947, 252.48.


All of this off a $200 bet.

Not bad, Person A! 

Of course, this is all hypothetical, but fun to think about, nonetheless.   


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