Chad Forcier on Eddie Payne's passing: 'A beloved friend and mentor of mine'


Just a few days shy of his 70th birthday, former Oregon State men’s basketball coach Eddie Payne passed away. The former leader of the team succumbed to complications from a stroke.

Payne spent five seasons with the Beavers and then going on to make stops at Greensboro and finishing his career at USC Upstate.

The passing of Payne has affected many close to him such as Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Chad Forcier. He received his coaching start under Payne, being on his staff for the final three seasons of his time with the Beavers.

On the latest episode of Talkin’ Beavs, Forcier appeared to give his thoughts on Payne.

“A beloved friend and mentor of mine,” Forcier said. “Someone who gave me an opportunity in this business to get going and get forward. I wanted to pause to mention what he meant to me and my life.”

Forcier would end up in the NBA a year after Payne gave him an opportunity on his staff. Since then he’s gone on to spend 20 seasons in the league, which included a lengthy nine-year stint with the Spurs and a 2014 championship with the team.


“It’s been a very emotional 10 days for me and a lot of people,” he said.

With the Bucks up 3-2, Forcier could be closing in on his second ring amidst the emotions he’s going through with suddenly losing Payne.