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Former Beavers setting an example in the WNBA

OSU Beavers

In the world of coaching, you are judged by wins and losses. But every coach knows that wins and losses are just a small part of a larger job. 

Especially in the college ranks, coaching is not only about the game, but it's about helping your players outside of it. 

It's about setting your players up for success once they step foot off your campus for the final time. 

Not every player that plays at the collegiate level has aspirations of playing in the pros, but for those that do, their coaches will do everything they can to help them achieve that dream.

For a coach, there is no greater joy than watching your players reach that pinnacle and leave your program for the pro ranks.

For Oregon State assistant women's basketball coach Katie Faulkner, she couldn't be more proud of a pair of Beavers she helped get to the WNBA. 

"Watching them, just like they haven't skipped a beat. They're just living their best life."

The players she is talking about are Marie Gülich and Sydney Wiese.

Gülich and Wiese were teammates for three seasons in Corvallis, and are once again paired up in the pro ranks as members of the Los Angeles Sparks.

The dup has found their spot in the rotation and helped the Sparks to a 13-4 record in the "Wubble," which is tied for the second-best record in the WNBA.

The former Beavers stars aren't just finding personal success on the WNBA court, but they are setting the example for the next generation to look up to. 


To see them step into this maturity and ownership of their game and their confidence... it's really beautiful. They are, obviously, just examples for a lot of us in the basketball community, for these young women, for our recruits to look up to them. What a pair of outstanding individuals and young women.

Katie Faulkner on Gülich and Wiese

Not only are there current Beavers that hope to follow in the footsteps of the women who came before them, but there are young ladies around the world who see what players like Gülich and Wiese have done and hope to be just like them someday.

Gülich and Wiese are having an impact that goes beyond the out of bound line, and it's something a coach like Faulkner couldn't be more proud of. 

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