Former OSU HC Gary Andersen blasted for not allowing opt-outs


Few things are less popular in Corvallis than Gary Andersen, the former Oregon State head football coach who single-handedly cratered the Beavers to a new low during the 2010s.

Now, the rest of the nation can be added to the list of disliking Andersen.

Now head coach of Utah State University, Andersen made controversial comments on Friday morning about if any of his players have decided to opt-out of the 2020 college football season.

“At least in our program, we don’t have an opt out. And it’s not an option,” Andersen said per the Salt Lake Tribune. “If you opt out, you’re not with us.”

Yes, you read that correct.

The same coach who quit on a program midseason is saying his players cannot opt-out of the upcoming season during the worst pandemic to hit North America in a century. 

(To Andersen's credit, he did relinquish his remaining salary as long as he could leave Oregon State immediately but all of his players still felt heavily betrayed.)

Not only is Andersen ignoring NCAA policy that all players can opt-out of the 2020 college football season without fear of repercussions, but his true colors are showing once again.

He doesn't care about his players and he never did. He quit on Oregon State in 2017 and now he's putting results on a football field over the well-being of his student-athletes.

To make matters worse, the Salt Lake Tribune gave Andersen a chance to clarify his comments and he decided to do so. So in other words, he didn't slip up. This is his public stance. 


As expected, he was blasted on social media for his position.

Now after becoming national news, Andersen called into 1280 The Zone in Utah to take back his comments. Please note, it took people condemning his stance for him to say he misspoke. When the Salt Lake Tribune asked for clarification, he declined.

 Maybe Andersen will take this as a learning opportunity but it's hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

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