The Beavers had an injury scare in the final minute of their 41-38 victory over the rival No. 15 Oregon Ducks when starting quarterback Tristan Gebbia went down with an injury.

It was third and goal with inches to go when Gebbia attempted a quarterback sneak and came up short. 

Not only did he come up short, he ended up hurt. 

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Gebbia was in a noticeable amount of pain and had to be helped off the field, unable to put any weight on his left leg. 

In a scene no Beavers fan wants to see, AJ McCord of KOIN 6 was able to capture video of Gebbia on crutches leaving the field after the win. 

While the injury looked bad, head coach Jonathan Smith expects his starting quarterback to be just fine.

"I think he's gonna be fine, but it's like hamstring or something." 

That doesn't offer a whole lot of insight, but it's better than the alternative, which would be Coach Smith coming out and saying the injury is severe. 

The Beavers have to hope Gebbia is a go for next week's game against the Utes, but will have to make sure back-ups Chance Nolan and Nick Moore are ready to go. 

The last thing the Beavers want to do is rush their starting QB back, so they must prepare for all options. 


Even if Gebbia is unable to play next week, Coach Smith does sound optimistic that the injury may not be as bad as it looks and that is a good sign.

The actual injury Gebbia sustained is unknown, but it did appear to be some sort of hamstring strain as he fell to the turf awkwardly following his sneak attempt. 

To make matters worse, there was speculation on social media that a Ducks defender intentionally injured Gebbia.

Once the game was over, Beavers fans took to social posting a video that showed Oregon safety Verone McKinley III pulling on Gebbia's leg to keep him short of the goal line.

It is hard to tell if the tug happened before, after, or contributed to the injury but it does shine some controversy on an otherwise increcible rivalry game.

Whether the injury was caused intentionally or not is certain to cause for debate, but regardless of how the injury occurred, we can all agree that we hope Gebbia gets back to the field sooner rather than later.