NCAA kicks Beavers out of hotel in the middle of the night after Elite 8 loss 


The Oregon State Beavers men’s basketball team made an improbable run that no one saw coming.

But on Monday night, the No.12  Beavers fell to the No. 2 Houston Cougars 67-61 in the Elite 8.

The Cinderella story for the Beavers came to an end, but it was a valiant effort.

You would think the NCAA would do everything they can to make sure a team like the Beavers would be treated like royalty, especially after making it to the Elite 8.

Well, that sadly isn’t what happened.

According to Nick Daschel of the Oregonian, the NCAA didn’t have the nicest parting gift for the Beavers after their loss to Houston.

Instead of letting the Beavs fly out the next morning, the NCAA told them to pack up and get on a 1:15 am flight back to Eugene.

The team arrived in Corvallis at 4 am Tuesday.

The NCAA, for the majority of this tournament, has gotten it wrong from the start.

It really started when the NCAA was destroyed on social media when a picture of the men’s vs. women’s weight room was shared to the masses.

Then they tried to make it a ‘spacing’ issue, rather than just telling the truth about the matter.

Thankfully it was solved, but the backlash was massive and did not look great for the NCAA.

Then this report with the Beavers has come out, and the NCAA looks like it hasn't changed or try and make things easier for people.

The NCAA tournament has been fun to watch, and yes people are happy that it is back.


But it is hard to look past how the NCAA treats the student-athletes at the largest money event for the entire organization.

The Beavers didn’t make it past the Elite 8, but they at least deserved some respect from the NCAA after their loss.

How do they keep messing everything up?!