The Oregon State Beavers upset the No. 15 Oregon Ducks 41-38 Friday night in nail biting fashion.

The victory was just the second time in thirteen meetings between the interstate rivals.

The Oregon-Oregon State rivalry game is a “circle your calendars” type game. It doesn’t matter how good either team that season. The game is going to be packed with fans.

Even the game in 1983, known by many as the “Toilet Bowl”, which ended in a 0-0 tie, had over 33,000 people in attendance.

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But this year is no ordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to run rampant, which has kept fans from attending games.

So, for Beavers fans, the inability to rush the field after a rivalry game, one that your team was a 13-point underdog entering the game, it’s a shame not to be able to rush the field after a stunning victory.

Well, it actually happened… kind of.



That’s right! Someone brought the cardboard cut-outs onto the field as if fans were rushing the field!

The fine, as mentioned in one of the captions above, is $250,000, which the school would have to pay for violating safety protocols.


But it’s a price all teams are willing to pay, including one against your storied rival.

No word on if the Beavs will be stuck with a fine from the rabid cardboard fans.