Oregon State's Alison Gibson ready for Olympics with Puerto Rico


The Oregon State Women's Basketball squad is still in its offseason, but former OSU guard Ali Gibson is set to make history while playing for Puerto Rico at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

Gibson played for Scott Rueck from 2011 to 2015, but now Gibson is in Puerto Rico ahead of the Olympic Games.

“Being able to be in Puerto Rico and compete for this team is amazing. It’s a dream come true and I’m excited,” Gibson said on the latest Talkin’ Beavers.

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Gibson, now 26-years old, won a Pac-12 title with the Beavs her senior year and even though the Oregon State standout was born in America, she’s qualified to play for Puerto Rico since her mother was born there. 

Gibson explained, “I wouldn’t have actually known about playing for Puerto Rico if it wasn’t for my Beaver teammates that were on Team Canada that helped connect me to Puerto Rico.”


Gibson is excited at the opportunity to bring home gold for a team that has never qualified for the Olympics before this year. 

"We just want to show that we belong," Gibson explained. "We want to compete as best we can and show that this isn't a fluke, this isn't lucky that we made, but that we really belong and we can be in the conversation of being in the Olympics in the future as well." 

Watch the full interview with Ali Gibson in the video above.

Good luck, Ali! We can't wait to see you play in the world competition.